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How To Braid Quality Custom Tack

How To Braid Quality Custom Tack

(Rebecca Albertson and Cybele Geideman) Our tried and true simplified book has taught thousands of individuals to braid. Ideal for the novice, as well as the skilled braider who needs brushing up.

Features 22 illustrated projects, 17 braiding techniques and styles, formula for custom work, plus our exclusive Back-Braid Technique, which allows you to attach hardware at both ends or finish your braid in a more professional looking manner.

Projects include: Hobbles, Romal Rein, Goat String, Racing Rein, Mohair Rein, Llama Halter, Western Belt, Stable Halter, 27 Strand Roper Cinch, Snaffle Bit Reins, Split-Ear Headstall, Dog Collar & Leash, Noseband & Tie Down, Trailer Tie or Cross Tie, Montana Cowboy Halter, 8 Foot Lead or Lunge Line, and Halter-Bridle Combo & Rein. Visit our Pinterest page for examples of paracord braided gear here ~ Includes free paracord practice strings. 8-1/2 x 11, 72 pages.

Comment ~
"I just wanted to say thanks for the awesome book! I already tried the flat braid style III. It's soooo easy! I'm so excited about making some stuff for my dogs and my friends with horses. The book is great, as well as the instructions and illustrations." Lacy

Note: Earlier copies of How To Braid were printed from film. Due to rapidly changing technology and digital printing, it became necessary for our printing company to print recent copies from high quality scans. Naturally, the quality is not the same as the originals. Please be assured, however, that the clarity in print and illustrations are still very good and as always, How to Braid is the easiest braiding book to follow.

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