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100% Mohair Cinch Cord 8 Ply

100% Mohair Cinch Cord 8 Ply

We've worked closely with one of the world's most prestigious yarn mills to offer this outstanding cinch cord. The fiber is sourced locally providing a truly sustainable operation—from grower to mill. Colors are selected and dyed to our requests.

What is mohair?
Mohair is the lustrous and strong hair of the Angora goat. Often referred to as the "diamond fiber," the distinctive properties of mohair have made it a highly desired fiber for clothing and home furnishings. 

Prior to the development of synthetics, mohair was the fiber of choice for horse cinches. Due to the increased demand for quality products, today's saddlemakers and horseman have rediscovered the benefits of mohair for cinches, as well as breastcollars, mecates and reins.

• Natural fiber.
• Is hair and will not shrink like wool.
• Soft luxurious hand and rich luster combine with great durability for a long lasting product.
• High affinity for dyes, produces exceptional colors.

• Resilient, is not easily crushed or matted.

• Wicks moisture.
• Horses appear to like the smell.

What size should I select for my project, the 8 ply or 2 ply?
The 2 ply is approx. 1/8" round. It is commonly used for the decorative weaving on cinches, as well as mecates and reins. The 8 ply is approx. 1/4" and is used for the body of the cinch, breastcollars, reins or mecates. The size you choose for mecates and reins depends mainly on the number of strands you will braid and whether you prefer a finer or heftier look.

Is your mohair truly 100% or is it blended with another fiber, such as a synthetic or wool?
We do not sell blends of mohair with synthetics or wool—which can shrink. All of our products listed below are 100% mohair. If you are in doubt as to a fiber containing synthetics, put it to the match test (use caution). Remember natural fibers burn, synthetics will melt.

Mohair samples for purchase here.


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#MO-8PLY -- By the Foot $0.44/Foot
#MO-8PLY/500 -- 500 Foot Hank $205.00/500 Feet
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