17 Strand Cinch, English Girth, Breast Collar, Rope Halter DVD

17 Strand Cinch, English Girth, Breast Collar, Rope Halter DVD

In this thorough DVD presentation, u-braid-it founder, Rebecca Morgan-Albertson demonstrates from start to finish her methods for tying the 17 Strand Cinch with the diamond pattern. Rebecca’s warm delivery makes learning enjoyable and will give you the confidence to create professional looking cinches, whether for personal use or profit. This tutorial is the next best thing to receiving private instruction from the expert who helped rekindle this cowboy craft in the early 80’s. Additional bonus projects include the Rope Halter with Fiador Knot and noseband variations, the Breast Collar, and the English Girth.

  • 17 Strand chapters include: Materials & Tools, The Weaving Frame, Stringing the Buckles, Burying the 8 Ply Ends, Weaving the Half Diamonds, Weaving the Center Diamond (attaching a shu-fly), Weaving the Cross Bar, Care & Maintenance, Cross-Weaving Using the 8 Ply and Stringing Two Colors.
  • The cinch presentation leads directly into bonus footage for weaving the English Girth and highlights for the single strand Breast Collar.
  • Step-by-step Rope Halter tying with a how-to for adding four noseband knots, attaching rings, adding square knots and whipping to the noseband.
  • Hard copy materials include: Formulas for figuring cordage, illustrated patterns for the diamonds and traditional weave for the English Girth, step-by-step instructions for the Rope Halter and Breast Collar.
  • Filmed by Rebecca's student and fellow cinch maker Skye Ogilvie of Cielo Cinches.
  • Running time of 2-1/2 hours with detailed close up footage throughout.

Comment ~
"I am impressed! Rebecca and Cybele you have done a wonderful job with your DVD. From beginning to the did a perfect job explaining the procedures. It brought back memories of the one and only cinch I made those many years ago. I honestly didn't think I could remember how I did it, but once you began the instructions Rebecca, I thought "oh yes I remember now." You did an EXCELLENT job explaining and demonstrating the procedure. Yes, I know now I can make a cinch again using your instructions. Always did and still do say "you two", Rebecca and Cybele, are the most beautiful, creative people I know." Whitney Jones

Working Ranch magazine review by editor/publisher Tim O'Bryne.

Note: Hard copy instructions are not sold separately with the exception of the Rope Halter. The DVD must be used in conjunction with these.


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