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Mohair Mecate Kit

Mohair Mecate Kit

We make it easy to braid your own custom mecate with our Mohair Mecate Kit. Plus, you'll save $10 as opposed to purchasing all items separately. (The mecate is an advanced project. If you have no prior braiding experience, we highly advise developing your skills with a smaller project first. Refer to our How To Braid book for suggestions.)

Kit is packaged and includes the following:

12 Strand Mohair Mecate instructions.

• Your choice of two colors in 2 ply 100% mohair. Note: The mecate in the photo shows three colors. We recommend two colors for your first. The dominant color will run along the outer edge and create a diagonal pattern throughout.

• Paracord core.

• One leather popper.

• One kelly hemostat.

• One beeswax.

NOTE: Kit does not include our Braider's Take Up Reel or Mecate Braiding Accessory. These item must be purchased separately if desired.

#BMM-01 -- 1/2" Mohair Mecate Kit $113.00/Each
#BMM-02 -- 5/8" Mohair Mecate Kit $119.00/Each
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