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Mecate Braiding Accessory

Mecate Braiding Accessory

Another ingenious tool designed by Rebecca. I can now braid my mohair reins and mecates in record time! Cybele

Attaches to Braider's Take Up Reel (as pictured—Take Up Reel is sold separately and is required to use the accessory). Keeps long cord ends of mohair from tangling, drastically reducing braiding time. Can be used on any round braided item with long cord ends.

Proudly handcrafted of select hardwoods in the beautiful state of Tennessee. Each tool has it's own identifiable serial number. Minimal assembly required.

I received the specialty tools I had ordered. They arrived in excellent condition. The tools are beautiful! Your craftsmanship is excellent. I don't think I have ever felt wood sanded so smoothly. Everything fits nicely with rounded edges. Sometimes I order tools and they just are not what I expected (they need me to work on them a little bit to finish them or get them sharp), but this is not the case with your tools. I do custom leather work and want to learn to braid. My husband says I am just "playing" but I have faith that I can make this a worthwhile endeavor. Again, thank you for the great customer service and tools. Anne

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#ST02 -- $123.00

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