12 Strand Braided Mohair Mecate Instructions

12 Strand Braided Mohair Mecate Instructions

Our easy to follow revised mohair mecate instructions are finally here! We've braided up several mohair mecates and use them extensively with our bosals. Now you can do the same and make them to match your custom cinches.

Includes: Materials list for a 22 foot long mecate, formula for figuring additional lengths, helpful tips, step-by-step color photos for the 12 Strand Round Braid, and the Three Part, Five Bight Turk's Head Knot. 11 x 8-1/2, 6 pages. SORRY NOT AVAILABLE AS A PDF.

The mecate is an advanced project. If you have no prior braiding experience, we highly advise developing your skills with a smaller project first. Refer to our How To Braid book for suggestions.

Note: These instructions are for the "mohair" mecate only (not the bosal and hanger). For the sake of simplicity, we decided to separate the paracord instructions (coming the end of July 2015) from the mohair ones. Mecate kits are not available at this time.

We highly advise purchasing the mecate instructions before deciding on your colors, as the instructions will help you decide on the final pattern and number of cords per color.



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