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Attached are some pictures of a mecate that I made from the mohair that I purchased from you. It is attached to a kangaroo braided bridle, which I also made.








I finally got to town and got this CD made of the Bitterroot Saddle Tramps "Cinch Making Bee". We had a lot of fun—made three cinches and three breast collars! I have really enjoyed working with this mohair. I've made eight cinches and two neck ropes from it. My arthritic hands like the feel of it, and I can braid or weave it really well. We have had really good results from dyeing this fiber, and I am having real fun in experimenting with the creative aspects of making these cinches now.

Janie Lambert




Thank you so much for making a how-to book on braiding that is easy to follow and so much fun! I wanted to start braiding as a hobby, but can see how it could become an obession. It's so rewarding and the finished product is much nicer than anything purchased from the local feedstore. Here is a photo of my first set of braided hobbles.

Sarah Rose

(View Sarah's art work at



I really do love your book! It is easy to follow and the pictures are a fantastic help. I like how you put the instruction under the picture. I also like how you put the cost down. It will help me to price items easily.  Really all the information and layout is fantastic.  Just dealing with you in general has been're so friendly and helpful!

Christine Ramsden

(View some of Christine's work here.)




My dad and I only use u-braidt-it 100% mohair in our mecartys on our hackamores and snaffle bit setups. It is softer in your hands when you are starting colts, roping in brandings or moving cows all day. It also takes dyes better than any other product we have tried in the past. Another benefit is that you do not have to worry about kinks in the mecartys after leaving them on for extended amount of time.

Jake Fowler

(For more information and pricing on Jake and Dan Fowlers' bosals and mecates contact Dan at 541-589-0377.)



Thanks so much for the How To Braid book I ordered awhile back. I've enjoyed trying out the different braid styles. I'm hoping to be able to start making dog collars and leashes to sell in the local pet stores.

Laval Smith



Here are a couple of pictures I told you I would send you of the cinches I have been making. These are both from last winter. I don't have any pictures of the yak hair cinches I have been making. These aren't anything fancy, as I am still learning! The brands are a backwards E T, and double box. I am always looking at cinches for new ideas, etc...

Jennifer Whitely

(Jennifer is accepting custom orders. She can be reached at 208-590-4280 or



I wanted to take a moment to share this with you as a way to say Thank You for your wonderful book and all of your assistance.
I found your website because I was looking for a string breast collar for my draft horse Elvis. As you may know there is not a great deal of tack available for these gentle wonderful giants. Now I am not really the “crafty” type. I am a retired police officer, SWAT, Narcotics and K-9 mostly, but I will admit that I have become quickly addicted to making tack using your methods. I came to my love of horses rather late in life, in the past 5 years, due to my wonderful wife and our very special group of friends and although we have three other horses Elvis was mine. He was a rather special case in that we didn’t exactly get what we paid for and he was very untrusting of men when he first came to live with us. Of course we had bought him for the “man” of the house—me. But through patience and a lot of natural horsemanship techniques, Elvis became my friend and would follow me around the pasture like a puppy. We recently started training him…actually we “restarted” him, even though he was 6 years old. He was due to make his “trail” debut this coming weekend.
About a week ago, I began the project that I have enclosed the pictures for. I love the way braided paracord looks so I began to braid a 4 part round “rope” to use to tie a halter. As you can see by my recent order of the mecate attachment I quickly discovered how difficult it can be to keep four 48 foot long pieces of paracord straight, but I was determined. I finished this project today; a four part braided paracord rope halter with miscellaneous Turk's Head knots and a matching Trainer’s Lead.
My project was interrupted by Elvis getting sick last Wednesday (anterior enteritis) and after all attempts to save him, he passed away at 5:45 AM this past Friday morning. I completed the project and I inserted a small piece of Elvis’s mane hair as a core just above the terminal Turk's Head knot at the end of the section where you tie it over the poll…the section that you touch the most in using the halter.
I will save this for my next gentle giant and pass a piece of Elvis’s heart, love and spirit along to all that may wear it. Thank you so very much again…the gift you have given me can never be repaid.
Mike Strickland



I thought you might be interested to see the hackamore headstall I made this weekend.
I was fed up trying to find one that did not hit my ponies eye when the hackamore was engaged, so I decided to make my own!
It works really well, and I added some bling to it with heat-set Swarovski crystals on the browband, which makes it very sparkly in the sun. You can just see the mohair reins that I braided as well - boy do I love those reins!
Carole & David Klinko–Turks & Caicos Islands



I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that you have yet another satisfied customer. After much frustration with other brands of rawhide trying to do small braid work, you convinced me to try yours. What a difference!!  My rawhide braiding is flowing along much smoother. Best of all, NO frustration. I will also be trying your kangaroo lace soon, along with some other products. I’m sure I will be satisfied with them also. Looking forward to doing business with you soon.

J.R. St.Clair



I just wanted to write you guys and tell you how much I am enjoying my braiding! I started braiding a few months ago and your book "How To Braid Quality Custom Tack" made it seem as easy as 123! I especially like the step-by-step instructions and diagrams. Thanks for writing such a great book!

In addition, I really like my Braider's Take Up Reel! It makes braiding a whole lot easier vs. wrapping my cord around the back of a chair. It's nice that when it comes time to measure what I've braided, all I have to do is reel my project in our out instead of wrapping and unwrapping. It saves a lot of time and keeps the braid from twisting!

I'm impressed with the way my projects look when they are finished! It's cool to be able to say that I made them! Someone has already asked me to make them a pair of reins, a tie down and a rope halter! I hope to enter a tack piece into the county fair. I am also very pleased with the quality and good looks of your hardware. I like the way your conways slide over my paracord flat braids.

Thanks a lot for supplying such great quality stuff! It's awesome to be able to master – fun and easily – the art of braiding quality custom tack! Thank you for making it possible!!

Breanne Biegel



The kangaroo lace braiding lady has finally gotten pictures for you!! I Finished the third and fourth mecate (photo at right). The third one went to a gal in Texas and she loved hers so much she's purchasing the other one for one of her friends. Her friend is none other than the legendary Ray Hunt!!  I have ridden with him and it is an honor for me to have one of my creations in his possession!! I will be calling in today also to order more materials.

Shelly Fink








This is a hoot!!! I started braiding the reins the other night and since I was watching TV and rolling it up on a electrical cord reel, I did not notice how much there actually was. I was so surprised when I unrolled it to finish the reins to find out I had about 24 feet of “reins”. It is a blessing though, because I have more than enough for a matching bridle and extra. Thank you for all your help with my orders.

Jenise Gauci  



I promised you a few words regarding your company, but I think it will take more than that to thank you for your helpfulness and friendly service. You have NO idea how much it means to hear a 'real' voice on the phone, and your honest opinion and knowledge of the products you have on hand has been invaluable.  I'd like to make particular mention of the Gail Hought book series - all I can say is that is the best instructional value I have found to date on braiding and knotting. If I had had those books available to me when I started my 'career' in braiding custom show dog leads....well, all I can say is my skills are now years ahead. I have all the other texts on this craft, but Ms. Hought's photos and descriptions made learning and perfecting new techniques a breeze!!! I can't recommend them highly enough; a thousand thank you's to Gail for sharing her secrets, and THANK YOU U-BRAID-IT! Oh, and yes, I'll be sending more orders your way soon.

Dawne Deeley
TsarShadow Perm Reg'd Kennels
Group V Leather - Custom products for your show dog



Before I bought one of your halter making kits, I did not like the look of a rope halter. But now that I only use rope halters, I have sold most of my webbed halters. My first two horses that I trained were abused horses.The mother had been whipped real bad while the coming two year old was not fed properly. I spent over three months training the mother. She has been in two clinics and was about the best horse there. She is my favorite horse to ride. The two year old is now my sisters mount and our trick horse. After six months or so she would bow, kneel, lay down, roll over, sit and we can jump on her while she is laying down. She is now three and has performed in her first clinic. She did well! All this because of those first few halter kits that I bought from you!

Jacklynn Thompson/Tahoe Tack and Training

Note: We do not claim that the rope halter will make your horse do tricks, but it could help!





I received the specialty tools I had ordered. They arrived in excellent condition. The tools are beautiful! Your craftsmanship is excellent. I don't think I have ever felt wood sanded so smoothly. Everything fits nicely with rounded edges. Sometimes I order tools and they just are not what I expected (they need me to work on them a little bit to finish them or get them sharp), but this is not the case with your tools. I do custom leather work and want to learn to braid. My husband says I am just "playing" but I have faith that I can make this a worthwhile endeavor. Again, thank you for the great customer service and tools.




I'm really hoping that I can get a small business going with this. That is my goal. At first I think I told you that I tossed everything in a corner and forgot about it. I am so glad that I pulled everything out and started to braid because I found out how much I do enjoy it. It has also been a stress reliever for me. When I braid I forget about everything. When it comes to your service and materials, what can I say.... It has been GREAT!!! You have quality materials and whenever I have had a question, you have always been there to help me out.  You've also sent my orders out right away. I have no complaints at all. I have one more thing to say and that is ... Thank you for everything!!! It's been great doing business with you!      

Tammy Hardman



Just thought I would send a few pictures and let you know that Kylie's cinch won "Best Over All Braiding Exhibit" at the Lincoln County Fair this past week! Everyone was so happy to see a mohair project; especially all the "Old Timers". It was also a plus for her to have a braiding judge who raises sheep and appreciated the use of mohair in the project.

The cinch will be in the 4-H exhibit Hall at the State Fair. Many people asked about where we got our mohair; so I did not hesitate to tell them about you all. Hope it brings in some business for you.

Thanks so much for getting our mohair and supplies to us so quickly; it really was a big help. She also finished the 6-plait round braid roping reins. They are on the exhibit board with her cinch bound for the State Fair. Thanks again!

Melody Gaines

Update: Kylie's cinch placed 1st at the New Mexico State Fair and went on to the Eastern New Mexico State Fair, where she was awaiting the results.



Below is an excerpt from the Croatian horse magazine, Konjska Snaga, about Dejan Kovac.

About six years ago, in one magazine, I came across an advertisement for a book about basic methods of braiding horse tack from colorful parachute cord. This book was written by mother/daughter, Rebecca Albertson and Cybele Geideman, with a goal to keep a traditional way of making horse tack. The only difference between old and new way of manufacture is in the material. They exchanged leather for parachute cord which gives tack an extreme durability and colorfulness with an easiness for cleaning and maintaining. I immediately liked braiding reins, halters, breast collars and other tack, and after few models which I followed from instructions in the book, I moved on to designing my own models which made my work even more interesting. However, I do have one problem fingers can braid, since it is a slow and hard work.

Read Dejan's entire story.

Read about our visit to Croatia and view some of Dejan's braiding.