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Bulk 8 Ply Mohair (All Colors)

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We have worked closely with one of the world's most prestigious yarn mills to offer this outstanding Oeko-Tex certified mohair cinch cord. The fiber is sourced from farms in South Africa and Texas, where they prize their goats and employ only ethical animal husbandry practices. A truly sustainable operation—from grower to mill. Colors are selected and professionally dyed to our requests.

• Available on cardboard tubes
• 2000 feet or more (you pay for only 2000 feet) = approximately 18-19lbs
• Colors are consistent with our 2 ply
• Please allow 5–7 weeks for delivery (additional shipping charges may apply once product ships)

Please contact us if you are considering a custom twist of your own (up to 4 colors from our stock 2 ply colors). It is our aim to NOT duplicate a custom twist of another customer. Please present original ideas. Price on custom twists are $626.00 per roll.