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Tribal Shu-Flies

Tribal Shu-Flies

These horsehair beauties are handmade by Utah knot artist, Jennifer K. Brown. She has chosen the kangaroo gaucho knot for its elegant appearance and tough nature. The 1" rings are available in your choice of non-rusting solid brass or stainless steel. Approximately 8" to 10" in length from the top of the hair. Attach to cinches, throatlatches, purses, rearview mirrors, you name it!

Meet Jennifer:
I originally hail from Idaho, now live in Utah. In my youth I received several western braided pieces from a very dear friend. I always loved them but did not have any understanding or appropriate appreciation for the time and workmanship that went into each. Later, I was looking for some shu-flies to finish my rig (saddle, bridle, etc.). I could not find what I wanted, so set to making them myself. That same dear friend became my mentor and teacher. I fell in love with the craft and have never looked back.

#SHU-JB/TR -- $28.00/Each

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